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Window Tint Texas, Proudly Serving Greater Houston for Over 30 Years!

Starting in 1982 Ronald Brenes, owner of Window Tint Texas, started a window tint business in Houston, Texas servicing automotive dealerships. Ronald understood that if he was going to be in business long term the quality of his workmanship had to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Use of the best materials available was standard practice from day one.

Today Ronald is still hands on. As he expanded from standard UV Protective Films into Safety/Security Films, Architectural Finishes and Specialty Graphic laminates, Ronald strove to become the very best at application. That commitment has allowed him to put together the finest team of 3M Certified technicians in the Houston area. Ronald puts guarantees and warranties on his work that are unparalleled in the industry. Ronald and his staff go to great lengths in the design process to make sure his customers are completely satisfied with the concept about to be put in motion. When dealing with Window Tint Texas you are dealing with a company and individuals who genuinely care about their customers and the product they take home.

Ronald and his staff look forward to your joining Etch Houston’s


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